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If Pokemaster agrees, maybe put something like that viewed thing that's on each question somewhere on our account pages to see how many people who have viewed our accounts?

*Note from Flare
I think we should also show which users have visited the page, not just how many. This would really revolutionise the DB. Also, read Sciz's comment below if you don't like it.*

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I don't mind seeing how many people have checked out your profile, but seeing who did seems a little unnecessary and it doesn't really benefit anyone
There could be privacy settings :P
Privacy settings would work too.
The question is why. Why would you have this, what's the point?
^ There isn't much of a point in doing this, unless you want to know your popularity rate. xD

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I don't like the privacy issue this could cause, if it says exactly who visited what page. And I don't want to add options for people to block it.

However, there will be a new feature soon which might quench your thirst :)

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I like the last line :D