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im sure a few of you have heard of serebii's trainerdex. if you havent, im not surprised, because its hard to find. i thought we could bring it here. trainerdex works like this: you type in the pokemon in trainerdex and it gives you results of which trainers have the pokemon youre looking for. i think it would be convenient. thanks!

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Cool idea +1
Eh, decent idea, but I think it would be really difficult for Pm to set it up, best wait until he's finished with the new site :)

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I have thought about this before, but to be honest I have never seen the point.

One reason is for trainers who have specific Pokemon, to battle them for EVs. Technically you would only ever need to know 6 of these trainers not every one. That information is a perfect question for Pokebase. Also, you cannot rebattle trainers in every game so it would be pointless for Black/White for example.

The other reason is for seeing every Pokemon and completing your Pokedex. Again this is a bit pointless as there is no reason not to battle all trainers. Moar EXP!

If you have any other reasons for a trainer dex let me know.

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P.S. I replied to you on the Beta Test question http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/34948/help-beta-test-the-new-site
The new site works on 3DS, if you have a problem post an answer there.