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I know this is kind of stupid but everybody on the chat loves the Users Online box. Sometimes, when a lot of people are online, it just looks too crowded. Could you possibly make another Users Online box? It would make things a bit neater if you ask me.

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Its the best idea EVAR
See I have other users who agree.

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I don't think that splitting the names into two boxes makes anything cleaner, it would make it more difficult to read all the names.

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But when there's a lot of users online, you have to scroll down to see them all. Why not have multiple boxes side by side, maybe more than 2 if necessary? The extra boxes wouldn't be there when only a few users are on, but if there were a lot of people there would be a certain number of boxes for that amount of users.
I agree with Pokemaster.
I think chat rooms would also be a good idea. You could join whichever one you wanted with whatever people.