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Alright, so I realize there is a thread for this but this is more of a suggestion and a comment as apposed to a comment by itself, and I have a feeling I'd get ignored if I posted this anywhere else because it's a heck of a lot easier to see this than an answer on an already large thread.

As you may have guessed, this has to do with the recent site update. I'd like to start by saying that the new site looks absolutely tank. It looks so smooth, you just wanna stare at it when you open the site, and it has so many awesome new features like the walls, and the improved admin page. The problem is, the mobile site doesn't share this quality. The mobile site is cramped, hard to navigate, and overlaps and has text runoffs and stuff all over the place. I do not mean to be rude or bash anyone, but I don't think the mobile site is all that great honestly. I realize I was one of the ones that was pushing to make the site more mobile-friendly, but I'd prefer it to be like the non-mobile site, or at least have an option to switch back and forth when on mobile.

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I am having the exact same problem with the 3ds although the half grey section seems to be fixed but the rest looks exactly like that :/
I agree, the mobile site just isn't quite as good. I did notice that the mobile site doesn't have a search box. The search box is the easiest thing to use on the mobile site.
Yeah, a search box on the mobile site would be a life saver, unless you're in the community section of PokemonDB on the mobile.

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I hear your concerns and believe me I've tried to fix it. Mostly it seems to be a problem with links stretching the content out that wide.

I think the problem is that I took the full size design that's used on PCs and added some stuff to try and cram it into a mobile size. What I really need to do is scrap the Pokebase design and start from scratch on mobile, which I will do when I can.

In the meantime, I felt it best to revert to the regular site design on mobiles, for Pokebase/Meta/RMT only.

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ok yay! new site is sexy 'nd all but that mobile site..... it was just too small, im happy that its fixed
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