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It is not working.
Edit: to clear up all of your comments I press the button after typing my move set and nothing happens. I am using an iPad 2. PM on my iPad nothing happens!

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I hate to burst your bubble, but it works for me.
It doesn't work for me...
Starpower, then the problem might very well be the movesets you are using. If I remember correctly, Celebi only gets Nasty Plot through an event. The searcher does not have event moves.
No not that right after I did a Chandy set and nada :(
it doesn't work for me... I know this is because my Empoleon knows all these moves.

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OK so finally we get an answer :)
By the way, when you click the button and it says "No Pokemon found", that is not "nothing happens". It's obviously looked for Pokemon matching those moves and not found anything. So it obviously did something.

The problem is basically that some of the slightly more obscure moves are missing.

  • In Celebi's case, we don't have all the event moves, so that's something I will sort out when I can.
  • In Empoleon's case it learns Steel Wing via TM in Generation 4, which for some reason is not included either.

If you find any other combinations that should work but don't, you can help me out by doing this:

  • First double check each move to see exactly how the Pokemon learns it.
  • If it's a basic level up/egg move/tutor/HM/TM for Gen 5, those should all be working fine.
  • If it's a method not already mentioned, then let me know. Event moves and Gen 4 TMs have already been mentioned, and I just saw that Gen 3 move tutors and Gen 3 TMs don't work either.


I guess I forgot to mention that even when looking up single moves like Protect don't work either. I still get that same result. Screen shot

Oh btw Sciz needs you on the DB server ASAP :P
It doesn't say no Pokémon found, nothing happens.
It's probably that your phone or whatever just won't load it.
This is moble