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For some reason, I went to look up kangaskhan, and the links at the top which navigate you to the Pokémon before and after it on national dex number was both tangelas and had ??? as the number! Both lead to tangela. Then on tangela page it was both chansey with ??? as the number too! It was the same with most pokemon, what is going on?

The same thing is happening to me too
Thank you for adding the accent in Pokédex. You are one influential person.
I am in china for vacation so I have to type on my phone which has accents. Haha!
I've always wanted to go to China! :O
Or, in any case, outside of Australia. :3

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Oops, I meant to put ??? only for the new Pokemon from X/Y. I have fixed this now so it works for all Pokemon.

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Yay! Thanks