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Cannot wait. No one can.

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I can wait.
Not everyone is as patient as you trachy xD and I myself am quite excited for this update.
Me tooo!
I bet I'm as patient as trachy
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,. . .

Just update already :D
Lets see... (Waited for less than a second) Please update! I can't wait!! :D

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I had been busy with work for the past few weeks and have not felt like working on the site in the evenings.

Unfortunately my dad had a motorbike accident this weekend and is in hospital, so I'm busy dealing with that. It will probably be another month before updates are ready.

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tbh we are more bothered about your family's welfare then some site updates. We are excited yes, but the site is awesome enough to stay with anyway xD

I feel for ya btw, ima not gonna get into deatil but trust me, ive been there.
My dad's car drove into a ditch, but he didnt go into a hospital. ;_;
I'm with LCB. Family is more important, and this site is epic enough.
God bless PM's father. Get well soon, PM's father.
The update can wait, for those selfish enough to think it's more important.
Now knowing what happened, I feel sorry for you Pokemaster...