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I know you like getting paid and all, but please for the love of all that is good in the world, remove the ones that spam googleads in your history and effectively prevent you from pressing the "Back" arrow button.

In this case it just seems to be a Toyota ad that does this. This one: [link removed]

Why has the ad structure on this site changed anyways? I remember before it just used to be the ads that gave links to random sites. Now we have the moving advertisements.

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Hooray for AdBlock! ;D
Ik not everyone can use adblock, but it does solve a lot of problems if you can and PM still gets paid :D I do get where you're coming from tho, they are annoying.

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Sorry if you're seeing crappy ads. They shouldn't be preventing the back button so I will block that ad if I can find it in my settings. The flashy animated ads annoy me as much as anyone else and I have a whole ton of stuff blocked in the ad settings.

I made a few changes yesterday to an improved version of the ad system so that ads don't slow down the pages. However, I actually cut down the number of graphical ads. Now it's just the one at the bottom and the one on the Pokedex page that are images, everything else is basic text ads. And 90% of the pages only have two ads total (it's possible to have 3 flashy ads plus another 3 small text ads I think).

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