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They're both Normal type moves in Generation 1, but are listed as Fighting on the toggled Generation 1 moves.

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On that toggled list, I think it describes the moves as they currently are (Gen V at the moment, but soon to be Gen VI). This is because that list is simply when a move was introduced, not what it was like at the time. The same hold true for Bite and Sand-Attack, which were also Normal moves in Gen I. On the move's actual pages it should say under 'Changes' that the move used to be Normal type.

That brings me to another point: the move page for Karate Chop doesn't mention that it was Normal type in Gen I(the others do, though).

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Thanks for pointing that out, I've fixed it.
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MM answered it pretty well. I have always intended to list the moves how they are in that generation - in fact, the Physical/Special category does exactly that. But I haven't got around to adding when a move has a different type, power, accuracy or PP.

MM is also correct about the main move page, so I've fixed that now :)

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