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This is another suggestion, but I just thought of it after seeing Mewderator's thread on RMT (the Mega Rate My Pokemon thread), and needed to post before I forgot.

How about we pin things like that, so they appear at the top of the search the first time you click a different forum (PB, RMT, Meta), so newer users know where to post certain things, and regular users don't need to trail through pages and pages of stuff to get to the thread.

There might end up being a lot of pinned threads, since there's a whole lot of stuff that's useful & important, so maybe there'd be a "search Pinned threads" option on each forum?

We could just tag stuff as "pinned", but again newer users won't know what that means/ might not see the tag.

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Sorta like stickies?
Useful RMT posts would be more fitting.
Kinda like stickies? Basically what the Marriland forum has.
I always found stickies annoying, because they mean less of the more recent posts show up on the first page. It would also make it troubling seeing as All Activity and just clicking on the tab for Battle Subway does not have multiple pages, and these are probably the most popular way of looking at a page. As you can see to the right here, Pokemaster solved that issue in the meta already with Useful Posts. If he's going to do anything, he should duplicate what he did here.
That was half what I meant by "search Pinned threads"; I think there'd be a lot of useful threads, so make a Useful Posts link and it'll show everything? I haven't explained myself v. well...
I still don't understand what you're saying, so kinda. :P

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I think I'm going to add some more obvious warnings/messages when people ask questions/answers, so that should solve that problem.

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