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Some sprites are missing when you go and try to find the sprites.

http://pokemondb.net/sprites/keldeo - No Keldeo Resolute Forme
http://pokemondb.net/sprites/tornadus - No Tornadus-T
http://pokemondb.net/sprites/thundurus - No Thundurus-T
http://pokemondb.net/sprites/landorus - No Landorus-T
http://pokemondb.net/sprites/kyurem - No Kyurem-B/W (Not under the Reshiram/Zekrom sprite page either)

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I think this has been asked multiple times, but not sure.
I would expect such carelessness from Dr.Fwamebutt.
But newer posts go up higher on the Unanswered tab and I'm pretty sure Pokemaster clicks there to find all the unanswered posts :c
I think it is because they all have different forms.

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All added! Both static and animated sprites have been added for the BW2 forms.

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