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Hi Pokemaster,

First of all I would have to say that I am really grateful for my recent promotion to expert, however I am a little worried about it and about some events that occured after it and possibly before it. For sometime and mainly last week Sunday my points seem to go up at an extremely disturbing rate. Last week Sunday I started the day of with around 7000 points. I answered some question got some upvoted and selected and I was about to end they day with 7190 points. 30 minutes after I had received 7190 points I checked my wall to see if there were any recent post but what caught my eye was that I had 7350 points with no activity and I believe the only way I could have gotten such an increase in points would be if I had 8 answers selected as best in that time period. However this wasn't the case and I had noticed that I also received a disturbing amount of upvotes, I believe 16 or so.
Now I also suspect that this might have been going on for awhile now since many of my answers have at least one upvote. However this was not the case before the instant upvotes on Sunday. When this happened I informed 2 mods who adviced me to make this post. However I also realized that not only my answers were upvoted but also my questions which are to be frank not exactly top class ones.
The point of this post was mainly to ask you to deduct all the spammed upvotes to make them match-up to the score that I would normally have.
I don't believe the spamming were for offensive reasons but they did me no good only costing me disturbing days
I also don't wish to know who was involved with it but whoever it was, I kindly ask not to do it again.
I do believe that it would now be best to leave the rest over to you now


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We also get the most downvotes for good questions and answers.
Points aren't currency, it doesn't matter.
What if... they are :O
What if... The world ends and the only way to get money is through points, and Pokemaster, DT, Mewderator, and trachy become billionares?????!?!!?!?! :OOOO
Eeveelution said this in chat. "I upvote all Jojo's answers because they are good."

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I don't think it matters a great deal. Especially as once you have reached 6,000 points, adding to your points doesn't really get you anywhere. We generally decide Editors and Moderators based on how good users are and how active they are, not specifically by how many points they have.

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Thank you Pokemaster, I was just a little worried about the undeserved amount of upvotes I got