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On my Meta Profile Page, it says I have received 6 up votes. When I checked my answers and questions, I counted 3 up votes. I'm 99% certain that none of my answers or questions on Meta that may have gotten up votes were hidden. So how come it says 6 up votes?

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You did have 3 upvotes for the "Orange rectangle is annoying me" question which was hidden, but those shouldn't be counted. It will likely be an answer on a question where the question was hidden but the answer is still technically not hidden.

Or maybe on an answer that was converted to a comment.

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Ohhhhh...I totally forgot about that one. Sorry 'bout that.
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The only explanation for this is that your other 3 upvoted posts were hidden.

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I was so sure they weren't..
Well, it is the most logical answer.
one of her questions have a upvote
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The explination is that the posts that had upvotes were downvoted again or hidden

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She has 0 downvotes lol