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Alright, this is going to get loads of hate and I'm aware of that, but seriously until now I haven't realised how big of a problem this is. Downvote it if you like but please before you vote, read the whole freaking thing. Every single day a new user seems to come up and post a team like "Is this a good team for Platinum?" and then as soon as an experienced user comes along and reads it, ham. Flag. Why can't we allow these teams? Was there a certain problem which I'm still not exactly aware of which caused the ingame teams to be banned?

I know we have the "What is a good ingame team for _____" questions, but they don't exactly help a person improve their team ingame. Many of you would say that ingame doesn't require a good team, just over train and be done with it. But for a whole load of people like to go through the game with a fixed team, then once they've beaten the champion done a the sidequest stuff and finally finish the game, go to the wifi battling and battle competitively. But there are people who don't EV train for wifi, and they don't get anything apart from flags and people telling them that they can't post the RMT because it doesn't meet the requirements.

As I said in the first paragraph, what is the damn reason of not allowing ingame teams? I personally think posting ingame teams is ok and even if they don't have EVs and Natures that's fine. Because there's hardly any hassle in that. Now that you've read this far, you're going to say "Well, people can just ask in chat can't they?" yes they can but the RMT means "Rate My Team" and that's where you can post a team to get it rated. If you aren't allowed to post ingame teams, then people who don't do competitive battling just have no where to get their teams rated. Subsequently, people shouldn't feel bad that they can't post a team. After all, the RMT is for rating the damn team. This is and has been since I joined one of the most annoying rules on the DB as a whole. Even Smogon has a place where you can post ingame teams when they themselves created competitive battling on PS.

I can guarantee some high ranked user will come on and answer saying "the reason that there's no point of this is that the answerer will just say level the damn Pokemon up." yes well wth's wrong with that? Besides, there could be some guidelines where you have to say what part of the game you're at and what you're considering to do, and some answerers can give advice. "Catch a Staravia on Route x and level it up to this level so it learns this then battle Ericka" is real advice and can help people get through the game much more easily. Saying that replace Brave Bird for Fly on the Crobat can actually help a person, and really I don't see what more we get from banning this apart from the fact that they never freaking get posted.

Another point I wanted to add is that if people do agree and ingame teams will (finally) be allowed in the Battle Subway, the answers don't have to be long and heavily justified as we have them for the competitive battling rmt's and could just be a few small paragraphs. At least people get the help. which they don't get at all right now. That's I've got to say, I'll add more as I get feedback.

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this is a good idea to me. People ask In-game teams on PokeBase and they aare allowed. So why not on RMT??

If they get asked, some Mod with nothing better to do will go and hide the question after its been there for like 5 minutes. I myself am not good at answering RMTs, but they should be allowed by my means.
You're not supposed to ask in-game teams on PokeBase. Just saying. :3
People are allowed to ask for advice on in-game teams on DB if they're struggling, just not to be rated on the RMT.

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Sooo... cynical and negative answer ahead. Look away now if you don't want to know the results. Also, all of this is just my two cents, and I just happen to disagree on this instance.

I think the reason for disallowing in-game teams is that the RMT is clogged as it is, with so many teams going un-rated/ unanswered. I think people would be even less inclined to answer an in-game team when it really doesn't matter. You can beat the game with any combination of Pokemon as long as you a) over train or b) use a ton of items.
Case in point, I've seen someone on Youtube take on Platinum (or D/P or HGSS; it was a Gen IV game) with just a Magikarp and a truck load of X items.

If people are having a problem with a specific gym leader, they can always ask on DB or, as is more often the case, look at the advice on a question that's asked the same thing.

If one was savvy enough, one could just search up what a gym leader has online, and catch something that helps you through that gym; if you have access to this site, you have access to Google.

There's also the "what is a good in-game team for (insert Pokemon game here)" threads, which have some really good answers and provide good advice as to what coverage someone should have when going through a specific game.

I also think if people could just post their team on this site and get it rated/ ranked/ modified by others, it's defeating the point of beating the game yourself. There are already so many help sites out there, like Marriland, Bulbapedia and Serebii, that list the movesets, items and abilities of Pokemon that gym leaders/ the main trainers use, people can just type something into Google and get ready-made advice and walkthroughs for their game, and those walkthroughs also advise what Pokemon to use against which Gym leader. You don't need tailor-made advice because gym leaders are the same for every game, unlike wifi battles or even the PWT.

Competitively, there are a lot more things to consider, usually the fact that your opponent isn't computer generated and has an average of 100 IQ, meaning that you can't just cruise on type advantage. You also have to take into account synergy and EVs, which are much more difficult concepts to grasp than "using a Flying type in Erika's gym is a good idea because Flying > Grass".

Also, why Headbutt trees for Staravia when you can get a Zubat in any cave and it'll trash Erika's gym? :)

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Actually, in-game teams are mainly not aloud because no matter how much trouble you're having, you can always just level up your team and go start beating the game again.
Me with my level 100s by the sixth gym.
Because badges mean nothing about obedience.
lololololol. Anyway I guess. Eh :/