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Special rule for the Battle Subway. (Suggestion)

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Due to us not knowing or confirming base stats, I think it should be noted NO X AND Y TEAMS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

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I liked him once. (See what I did there?)
Are they correct is the question though? Helioptile's stats were changed, as were Hawlucha's. And a few others if my memory serves me well.
Also, many of the PS base states seem off or unnaturally high. For example, a final starter evolution had a bst of 550 last time I checked if I remember correctly.
yea PS has Delphox with a BST of 550, while Greninja has 540, and Chesnaught has a lowly 512 for some reason. I personally think Pokemon DB is closer, as it has all starters with a BST of 530.
Is it allowed now? We have almost all of the info, and we're starting moveset questions also.

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