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Well, this one is obvious. I just wanna know why the website section on out profiles was thrown out. I mean at first, I didn't really care for it, but up until recently I had been using it to showcase close battles I had, or link to a picture, or even the DB server.

So yeah, thanks for reading. Here is a Snorlax:


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+1 for Snorlax
Get your dupe to upvote to, because there are two Snorlaxes. :P
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Tell him to post stuff. Me and my dupes got enough points to spam it with upvotes.
I'm proud that I knew that tumblr was a thing back then. Still have no real idea what it is, but whatever.

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Two reasons:

  • We keep getting lots of spam account signups putting their link in there, I'm hoping this will prevent that.
  • 90% of members here don't have a website anyway so didn't use the field, or misused it by putting "I don't know" in there which caused some problems.

If it's that important you can put URLs in your About section, they just won't be linked.

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*has three websites* Oh, well..