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OK so X&Y are close to being released now. While we do have a thread for general news already (here), I think it would be best to have this separate. This page is for all data from the new games such as new Pokemon, moves, abilities and learnsets. Unlike previous games I don't think this will get ripped direct from the cartridges because of the DRM and such on the 3DS.

I've already put together some pages like the X/Y Pokedex (all the new Pokemon have been leaked, except potentially some additional legendaries at the end of the dex). Plus a gym leaders page.

Below are the things we will need for the site. If you find confirmation of them somewhere, or if you have the game and can verify it yourself, post an answer with details. Make sure to check the appropriate pages in case we already have the information.

  • any new Pokemon (i.e. not already listed here)
  • any new Mega Evolutions (not on above page)
  • any new moves not listed here
  • any new abilities not already on the site
  • any new/different TMs/HMs and their exact locations
  • which Pokemon have which abilities (obviously check the Pokemon's dex page first)
  • which Pokemon learn moves at which level or by which TM, etc.
  • levels of the gym leader Pokemon (that are not already on the above page)
  • base stats of all new Pokemon and Mega forms
  • Pokemon egg groups (e.g. I found Flabebe bred with Minun so Flabebe must be in the Fairy egg group)
  • new items (low priority since our items section is barely credible right now)

To be clear, this thread is NOT for general features or story stuff. It's for DATA, as listed above.

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I'd also like to know version differences.
Although that Poison/Dragon and Xerneas are enough to make me happy with my decision to go for X. Plus MEGA CHARIZARD X!!!!!!
Trachy the Poison/Dragon is a Y exclusive :3
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I think all the cool looking Pokémon are on Y. (And why does everyone want X?)
Serebii has also provided a full list of the Pokemon like how the appear in their new "sprites":
It's here!
Not sure if this should be posted as an answer, but Bubble's power has been changed from 20 to 40. I was training my Squirtle and noticed this.
Critical Captures Are in the game.

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Here are a few of my notes.

TM27 same
TM83 Infestation - after defeating first gym
TM94 Rock Smash
TM99 Dazzling Gleam - after defeating Fairy gym

Mega Pokemon
Mega Aerodactyl - Rock/Flying - Tough Claws ability
Mega Gengar
Mega Abomasnow
Mega Gyarados
Mega Gardevoir
(Also, the stone for Galvantula has been found, but no Joltik/Galvantula found in the game yet)

Changed moves
Fire Pledge, Grass Pledge, Water Pledge: 80bp.
Blizzard: 110 bp.
Bubble: 40 bp.
Fire Blast: 110 bp.
Frost Breath: 60 bp.
Fury Cutter: 40 bp.
Hidden Power: 60 bp.
Low Sweep: 65 bp.
Rock Tomb: 60 bp, 95% acc.
Thunder: 110 bp.
Vine Whip: 45 bp & 25 pp.
Will-O-Wisp: 85% acc.
Hex: 65 bp

//According to Serebii, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Surf, Ice Beam are 90 bp. Haven't seen anyone else mention that.

Chespin (lv 16) > Quilladin (lv 36) > Chesnaught
Fennekin (lv 16) > Braixen (lv 36) > Delphox
Froakie (lv 16) > Frogadier (lv 36) > Geninja
Scatterbug (lv 9) > Spewpa (lv 12) > Vivillion
Pancham (lv 31, Dark type in party) > Pangoro
Goomy (lv 40) > Sliggoo (lv 70) > Goodra
Honedge (lv 35) > Doubledge (Dusk Stone) > Aegislash
Flabebe (lv ???) > Floette (Shiny Stone) > Flogres
Spritzee (lv ???) holding Sachet > Aromatisse

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Flabebe evolves into Florges at L19. Got that info from a Nuzlocker:
Oh also Knock Off is at BP 60. Finally.
I'm pretty sure the move Play Nice is a Normal type attack, not Electric like it says on that move page link above.
Pretty sure Flabébé evolves at lv20. I say pretty sure because mine evolved, and I do not believe it has leveled up since it has.
Pancham evolves at lv. 32 with dark type in party.
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Serebii too has revealed a lot of stuff such as Game locations, new abilities, new forms as well as new items however still limited out of respect for Nintendo.

To start off, Jigglypuff and the Gothita line have got a new ability
called Competitive, which boosts its Special Attack stat when one of
their stats is lowered. Kecleon has a new ability called Protean that
changes the Pokémon's type to the type of the move it just used. The
latter is demonstrated in a new kind of battles "Inverse Battles"
where the type effectiveness is inversed. This is only done in Route
18 against a Psychic. It's a daily battle

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![enter image description here][1]

Lookslikeadeoxys.gif (Copyrights)

Bug / Steel. Technician.


Look closely. The level. Just a suspicion, but maybe Megas have a separate leveling system.

I thought the Scizor was Deoxys for a moment! xD
Ninja, you stole my joke. D:
I'm crying @ Mega Alakazam. That beard.
I doubt the separate leveling system. Abra gets Kadabra @ lv 16, then trade for Alakazam, then do the mega stuff and boom Mega-Alakazam. Just says whoever took the screen shot was lazy, lol.
I doubt a separate leveling system, I think it could just be an icon for showing its a mega. Though I would of thought the giant cinematic and Drastic forme changed would of dealt with that :P
Lol I didn't even look at Josh's and I still started my answer the same :P
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Greninja learns Spikes, Shadow Sneak, Faint Attack, Night Slash and Role Play by move relearner.
Tyrantrum learns Earthquake lv. 47 and Head Smash by move relearner.
Pyroar learns Hyper Beam by move relearner.

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Heracross, Medicham, Pinsir, and Bannette all have mega evolutions now!!!

(scroll down and click on the spoiler on the site)

Mega Alakazam, Mega Manetric, and Mega Houndoom found on Serebii!!
Note: Manetric and Houndooms' Megastones are found in the opposite game than from which you obtain the pokemon.

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Delphox learns Flamethrower at lv 42.

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TM100 is a new move called Confide. It is a Normal status move that lowers the target's Special Attack. I think it was given to me by someone in Coumarine City (can't remember 100% though).

Delphox cannot learn TM24 (Thnderbolt) (it says it can on its page). I know because I tested it in my game.

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Guy in the fossil center, on the right, after you do the cave story and meet the antagonists he will give you an Aerodactylite for your time.

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More new moves:
Power-Up Punch
Power 40, accuracy 100, Fighting type, raises Atk by one stage after use. Given as TM 98 from the third gym.
Status move, turns the targets attacks for the next turn into a Electric move.
Status move, adds Ghost type to the target.
Water Shuriken
Power 15, accuracy 100, Water type, priority move. Learnt by Greninja at Lv 36.

01 Hone Claws
06 Toxic
09 Venoshock
17 Protect
24 Thunderbolt
27 Return
39 Rock Tomb
41 Torment
42 Facade
43 Flame Charge
45 Attract
46 Thief
47 Low Sweep
56 Fling
65 Shadow Claw
66 Payback
69 Rock Polish
70 Flash
73 Thunder Wave
86 Grass Knot
96 Nature Power
98 Power-Up Punch
100 Confide

Will add more as soon as possible.

Other changes:
Mega Gengar have Shadow Tag as its ability.
Helioptile evolves with a Sun Stone.

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So the Move Grassy Field( which Floette learns ) seems to be a new weather thing, but doesn't override Sunny Day. It Seems to restore land Pokes' health.

Electric Field - Powers up Electric-type moves
Grass Field - Restores HP
Fog Field - Prevents stat changes

If Electric Field doesn't over ride Rain....
My life will be complete.
Lol Josh
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The move learner for Relic Song and Secret Sword is in Snowbelle City.

Also the ultimate Starter moves (Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, Frenzy Plant)

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So Zygarde is in Terminus Cave, level 70, Camouflage, Dragon Pulse, EQuake, and the last I forgot. Near him are the Creation Trio Orbs.

In Pokemon Village, Mewtwo is level 70, knows Barrier, Psychic, Aura Sphere, and Recover. Incredibly annoying.

Some stuff you might know, but I wasn't sure.

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You can encounter wild Hydreigon (lv59) in the last open-air section of Victory Road. I first encountered one on top of the waterfall next to the entrance to the last stretch towards the Pokémon League. They swoop down from the sky.

Obviously very rare. Not sure if post-game only.

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Tyrantrum learns Earthquake at 47, and Goomy is found on Route 14 but it seems to be rare.

Not much that I know currently, but it's better than nothing I suppose

I would say Goomy is uncommon rather than rare. i've seen it plenty of times.
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druddigon is found at the end of victory road in the cave.

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Here are some things that I've noticed in my Pokemon X game:

  • Xerneas is encountered at Level 50 with the moves Gravity, Geomancy, Moonblast, and Megahorn.
  • There is a new elemental plate item called the "Pixie Plate". The item's description says, "An item to be held by a Pokemon. It is a stone tablet that boosts the power of Fairy-type moves." (I'm betting that Arceus can use this plate to make itself a Fairy-type)
  • There is a new type of berry called the "Roseli Berry". It's description says, "If held by a Pokemon, this Berry will lessen the damage taken from one supereffective Fairy-type attack."
The Pixie Plate can be found in the Pokemon Village. Just a small addition.
Thank you! I had forgotten where I found that.
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Tyrantrum learns Rock Slide at 68.

Pokémon level up even faster if trade from a different region. Even faster than just some basic friend to friend trade.

Proof: My Japanese Sylveon is level 76 and I didn't even beat te 8th gym yet (and I barely fight wild Pokémon)

to evolve sylveon, you need pokemon-amie. Pokémon-amie has benefits and one of them is more expierance.