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I imagine that people have already realized that the the game will not be released perfectly at the same time, but within a few hours of each other. That means, for example, X and Y release in Tokyo at 12:00AM Saturday morning. That time is 8:00AM Friday morning in LA/Hollywood. Will this site be updating itself from all of the information that will be being released starting sometime Friday for most people? I think a lot, or at least some people, want to see all the base stats, evolutions, and locations of the new or old pokemon in the game before it releases in there town.

Final question,
Will this site update ASAP as the information is released to the public?

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Pokemaster has put up pretty much all the information that can be had currently. The only thing he is really missing are the new items (because our itemdex is a new feature), the Mega Evolutions that were just revealed today, and some new abilities that were also just revealed today.

He has evolutions. Locations and base stats are something more difficult to get, and no site has them up yet.

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It probably wont be right as the information is released unless Pokemaster is up working on the site/adding the information. If hes not then we will just have to wait until he comes on and does so.

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Yes I know, but I would like to know some information before I get the game. I'm just wondering if Pokemaster will work on this. (if Pokemaster is reading this, you really should)