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I know of one user who gave out a TON of up votes, probably to get lots of points

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I think thats kind of cheating.
Who was it??
If You Are Talking about me, I have given quite a few down votes, and giving up Votes is good, as it gives everyone points, making everyone happy
Ive hidden the name so only pokemaster can see it. I will NOT name who it was for everybody to see. thats kind of mean
No its not u
Was it me becuase I like to vote up good answers/question when ithink they are good
Was it me??
No, no, no, I'm talking a TTOONN of up votes in a very short time, you can probably tell by your user profile that it wasnt any of you, AND STOP ASKING!
Asking what?:))
You shouldn't assume they're doing it to get points. it would take a LONG time to get points that way. It would be much easier to ask/answer questions. Also keep in mind that people are less likely to vote things down now that it costs you a point, so many people are hesitant to do so, others have even undone their past vote downs to regain lost points.
Is it Ultimate? I know it is not me. As is obvious by the down votes I give to anyone who breaks the rules. I also noticed that almost all of UDFs points came from up voting, around 800 in the few days he has been here.
I think someone probably registered two people and used one to vote themself up.
Yeah, I Think someone could have done that too.
I wonder, who is it?
My guess is Ultimate Darkrai Fan. He has given about 800 up votes in only 1 week. He is close to giving more up votes than I have given in my month here. Also note that that is pretty much how he has gotten all of his points.
Its definitely ultimate darkrai fan because he gave 818 up votes and he only has been a member for 1 week.
Ouw, yeah! UDF, 818 up voted, 5 down voted in 1week
Yeah, it is, I just didnt wanna be mean
Just something I saw when was looking at the users page
I was thinking of bringing it up myself, but I didn't because I wouldn't have been very subtle.

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OK I will look into it.

I don't think it's a big problem though, it takes over a thousand votes to get a good number of points.

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