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The user Indigo has been praised by some of the DB users around here. However, from some other members, not so much.

Buddyvoting is an issue here. It is happening. Indigo asks for votes. She gets them. Sometimes without asking. The biggest proof we have is from user The Trapinchinator.

Screenshot 1 - Quagmire (#MegaPinsir here) upvoting a user.
Screenshot 2 - Quagmire on Indigo's wall. Also, he has given Indigo her 500th, 600th and 700th upvotes. And possibly more.
Screenshot 3 - Proving he's done it before by saying "You get no more".
> Gave out: 893 up votes, 4 down votes
(this number used to be over 1000 upvotes)

Pokemaster, can you prove if there is spam upvoting going on for Indigo? Ninja has confirmed that there were no dupes involved but buddyvoting might be the problem.

Nothing against you Indigo, but you are on watch. Ninja is going to keep an eye out for suspicious activity. If nothing is wrong, then great. But we can't have this sort of thing happening when chatters look up to you as a potential editor.

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Just asking, what is the current stance on this? It would sorta help if Pokemaster saw this. :/
Prepare for my opinion,
TT used to spam upvote everyone at like a hundred or a thousand points. Point 1 is unrelated to your case with Indi, because it just says that he upvoted Fated Fathom ♠ (qwertyzoom 44 here)
Screenshot 2 & 3 technically don't mean that Indigo asked for points, it just shows TT upvoting her.

I just saw this on Recent Activity and decided to put my opinion here
TT is banned now so I don't think it matters anymore.
Unless he isn't than oh gosh can we conclude this? >.<
Js, I'm quite sure that after a day of being banned, TT was unbanned

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