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Maybe it's just me but I think it looks retarded when the X/Y sprites are bigger than the older ones.

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yes, i agree with you. they look really "odd" but some are big and some are small.
Don't you think its because those aren't the finalized sprites and that the Pokemon from previous games aren't in their XY state?
Yes but they can still be resized.
But then they'd look like poopie :C

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Actually, the X/Y "sprites" are 100x100 pixels, whereas the B/W sprites are 96x96 pixels. So they are not really any bigger. I guess they might look bigger because small Pokemon are taking up the entire square (unlike, say, Pidgey who is smaller).

I have the smogon sprites for X/Y, will add them to the site when I can.

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Ok, thanks PM.