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There have been several occasions where I've tried to tag a question, but it said the tag didn't exist, and I'm wondering why it does that.
(Feel free to re-tag this. I'm not sure what to tag it as)

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It does this to me as well
Good. Glad I'm not the only one experiencing this.
It's just a glitch in the site, has been mentioned before. BTW, once you get 500 points on pokebase you can create new tags and it won't give you that any more.
Can you give an example of a tag that does this?
Well, I was asking a question about "Annoying woodland creatures" and it suggested "zigzagoon" and "sentret" for tags, but it wouldn't let me use them.

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The way it works, it only lets you use one of the top 500 tags. Any of the tags that are suggested to you (below the tag field) should work fine.

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Well, they don't always.