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LIke you know how some questions has to be answered without words but what about video?

e.g perhaps you need a visual demonstration to do something

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I think that youtube is good for this enough

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It's fine to link to youtube videos if there is already something out there. Or, create your own and link to YT. Video uses a mega amount of bandwidth so I won't be hosting anything here.

I do have a YouTube channel, PokemonDbNet but I've only made one video so far... they are very time-consuming.

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Also, I plan on doing walkthroughs on most pokemon games, ( I have WAY too much free time )
And am curious, Could I link parts that answer questions on the site?

Eg. Where is a Water Stone in pokemon White?

A. -Link to video of me going through castellia city and getting my water stone -

Would that be acceptable?
62 subscribers over one video wow
Totally J98 exactly the reason why i suggested this
J98, that is fine, as long as there is a short answer as well, e.g. "The water stone is in Castelia City at X part. [Here's a video] showing exactly where..." that kind of thing.
Okay. Thanks Pokemaster!