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Just wondering why.

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Lags on Chrome for me - it's not horrible but yeah. Firefox lag is horrible for me >.>
Yeah, true. I use Chrome,and it is lagging at some occasions, almost when I need it -_-'.
Really? I should pay more attention. I don't think it lags for me, but since it lags for all of you I'm now confuzzled.
I'm not just saying this to be different but, I have had no lag on Safari.
My closest guess is that we've had a huge spike in traffic because of the release of Pokemon X&Y, so there are more people here looking for basic information, walkthrough and moveset material, etc. Extra traffic makes them stay here for other stuff too now that they see it, so it also would explain why there are so many new users here as well.  Same thing happened when Black and White came out.

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I think it's actually due to more people in the chat room. The traffic this weekend was pretty big but it wasn't quite as big as the first weekend X&Y were released, and the site was pretty good that weekend (surprisingly).

The main part of the site is heavily cached so we could have a million visitors and the pages should hold up okay. Pokebase is very "dynamic" so it uses a bit more server resources. When the site was going slow for me on Saturday I went to the chat room and there were over 35 people in there. There are about 15 people in there now, we never had that many on a weekday morning before.

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I was part of that 35!!! :D xD
In case anyone cares, it got up to 39. We hoped to get it to 40, it never did though. It just decreased. D: