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Well, I remember on some question where they talk about removing the free-name-changing session when you first register, and how it's a great feature for trolls because they can change their name and they can stay anonymous from the mods.

However, maybe you should give everyone ID codes or somethin'?

So, whenever there is a link on the site, instead of linking to:
It would link to:
(Or something like that, an ID code)

So there will always be an existent link that will link to the same user, no matter what. :D

Of course, there would be a link with the name of the user in the link, in case people who don't know everyone's ID codes can just search by user.

And only considering my username in particular, where it has special characters, you can always type my ID code in the link instead of trying to type the special characters. So it would be much more helpful.


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I guess this isn't a half bad idea, though I really don't see a lot of point in it tbh. Plus, Mods can see someones IP address to see if it's the same person or not in the case of trolls.
Pretty much what Prof said, Mods can view the IP address which is essentially the same thing.
I think this might actually be a feasible idea considering how often people tend to change their usernames?
We tend to forget the IP address though, or at least have to go searching for it. The main problem is in finding the profile again.
Hmm I suppose so... I never saidthis was a bad suggestion, I just didn't see a lot of use ;P
ID codes would be a lot shorter than the IP addresses. :D
And plus, mortals can't view IP addresses. So when mortals create a ban-report, you can link to their user page via the ID code.

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Funny enough this is the exact idea I already had, and may get implemented in the future. Hopefully it would solve the new user name changing problem.

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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :D