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Arca here. In the PokéBase, DarkTyphlosion is ranked # 1, with 64,476 points (respect).
Say, if I made a dupe, and keep on asking questions, and DarkTyphlosion continues to answer, and each time, he gets 20 upvotes and BA, until his points break 99 999, would his points go above 100 000 ? And if so, where would his points stop growing ?

Just curious.
Thank you.

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Yes, technically there is a maximum, which is about 2 billion. To be exact it is 2,147,483,647.

By my calculation, it would take DT about 100,000 years to reach that total :)

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2,147,483,647 thank to thou, Pokemaster ;)
Inb4 DT has that number by tomorrow
^^^ caused by everyone on the site upvoting every one of his posts :P

4,771,764 would be DT's maximum points right now if every answer had 20 upvotes and was BA'd, every Q had 20 upvotes and a Ba selected.
No where near the maximum :P
Nope Kijani; I mean that if I create a dupe who ask stupid questions, and DT answers them and get 20 votes and BA each time, until which limit would his point stop growing. That was my question, not to give him 20 votes and BA to each of his actual answers.
ik, I was just saying what DT's maximum points would be at this point in time. And they don't come anywhere close to the max amount of points.
Ah, OK :)