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troll :I i actually thought you took my points for a second
lol Semp xD
Troll xD

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That would be sassmangg5. The guy is talented, he has -346 points!

But, since Pokemaster took out the negative points, you can't see it anymore. But seriously, it takes talent to get that kind of points! Sassmangg5 is truly a king among kings when it comes to point loss!

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can i have a link?
No, he had a few numbers followed after his name. I can't remember them though.
It was quite incredible though. xD
Yeah getting -500 points without getting banned is kinda difficult.
Haha, I was just about to comment what Indigo said. There were some 5's, I think.
I can see it now. Sassmangg's TVTropes page, and the trope "Arc Number: 5", written there.
What kind of posts did he make to get 117 downvotes?