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All my team questions are getting removed.I put the phrase ."How can I improve this team?"at the end.
I put as much information as i can (Pokemon,Moves Abbilitie,Nature)I cant do ev's because I dont understand even after reading the ev page.Can i at least have a chance to fix my questions.Please un hide them so i can fix.It please.
Ive asked i think 4 questions 1 out of 4 stayed. I need a chance to fix them.Also is it you who Hiding the or is someone else.

I feel like quiting the site because of this.

Please un hide them so i can fix them.

Im starting to get sad about it also.

Please un hide .

Then i might stay using this site.

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Not sure why this one was hidden, seems OK to me so I reopened it.

Your other one about your brothers team was just a "tell me what pokemon to choose" type question which is not allowed.

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He still needs to give all the information, even if it is a future team. He needs to say what he plans to have for them.
ok thanks for opening it again I fixed it can you check if the way im doing it now is better.?