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Whenever I try to go on just pokemondb.net, I always get met with a blank page. Is there construction going on, or something? Or is it just my computer?

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That's strange, l'm using Chrome and its perfectly fine.
ls there at least an error message about DNS or not being able to load the site or something?
At times I get this (I use Safari) idk what causes it though it isn't just the DB where I get it at. I find entering through other pages and avoiding that one works. It resolves itself after a while.
Happening to me on iPad and Mac. I can only access the site through other links, such as ones to the Pokedex or Battle Subway.
Actually, mine's fine now.
The site has a lot of written information and code in it. Occasionally slower computers have a hard time processing it all through a browser. If you've only recently had this problem, check to see if it happens to websites to a similar nature as ours. If so, it's just your computer being slow and not loading correctly.. Refresh a few times. Otherwise, not sure.

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Strange, not sure what the problem could have been. All seems to be working now.

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