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About the tournament

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ok so i lost to "emeraldjunkie" (J98) so i thought i was out of the tournament and didn't really stay updated on the tournament.
and just a couple minutes ago, i battled J98 and he said that EmeraldJunkie paid him 5 bucks to battle for him and that it was J98 i battled with the name !Cody and i lost but then i also saw that i was against speedfreak and wasn't out of the tournament.
Could someone explain what really happened?

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Let me Explain.

First Round -

EmeraldJunkie wanted to switch Tournament partners, and I didn't want to, so he said he'd pay me 5 bucks.
So Me being the money hungry teenager I am, I took up the deal.

He emailed me his team and I changed my PO name on that team to !Cody.

We battled.

And a little before that, I did the same to him, and with my Tourney team, and the name J98 he battled Linkpower22.

Well, After I spent my money, I went ahead and Told Trachy what happened.

I didn't want to be back in the tournament, and doubt he would've let me in again ( That would be pretty lame ) Plus Linkpower22 beat the crap out of him from what I heard.

But your loss wasn't super fair, so EmeraldJunkie got kicked and you got put in place to battle Speedfreak.

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and I won :)
Um.. Okay. Now I feel like I don't deserve to be in the 3rd round.. ._.
You do though linkpower. You're still a great battler. And you still won your first round match, it doesn't matter against who, you still won. And you also won your round 2 match.
I guess, but I would've had a harder time if it was actually J98.
Its cool man, Emerald Junkie isn't a " Bad Battler " You fully deserve to be in round 3, don't get yourself down about things.