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it's gonna be a very influential move, and the error is that it says only four pokemon learn it. It's more than that, including galvy and leavanny.

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if anybody knows the list and can edit feel free to do so. sorry, serebii doesn't like this computer
Serebii says that Sewaddle and Glavantula get it, but that is it (apart from the ones mentioned on DB's Stivky Web page). Apparently the other pokemon in those evolution lines don't get it (i.e. Leavanny, Joltik, and Swadloon).
Someone used Sticky Web Shuckle against me (on X/Y online), so Shuckle gets it.
yes, but he is included on DB's move page, as is Spinarak, Ariados, and Surskit. I was merely adding the ones not mentioned on that page.

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