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Just so I don't keeping getting my ingame team questions hidden

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Never. Its stated in the rules (I think, if not it should be xD) that in game teams are not allowed. If the in game team is being used over wifi and uses evs (roles), items and movesets built for competitive battling, assuming all Pokemon are level hundered and fit into a specific tier, the team is allowed. In game teams have far to many variables to rate and any team can beat the game with ease, hence why they are not allowed.

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That's what I meant. I've posted 10-15 ingame wifi-teams, that meet those parameters, but at least a third have been hidden
On RMT? if so I'll have a look in the admin section and see what has been hidden and why. Your last post on the RMT was perfectly fine. If it was on the Pokebase, you may want to read the rules :P
yes, RMT
I don't know where you are posting these teams because I honestly can't find any of your hidden stuff on any section?
Check your history and provide a link because nothing recently has been hidden on the RMT. If you're not sure how to press CTRL H and put keywords into the search bar assuming you're using Chrome.
The last one was a about two weeks ago... and I was mistaken about the number, it was roughly 10 posted, and 2-3 hidden.
I posted them a few months ago, so I've probably forgotten some stuff...
The link is broken :P
Also the hidden history goes back as far as Jun 24th currently so the questions must have been many months old when you started as a noob :P jk
yeah.. ok, it's fine