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Um... not really, what makes you say that?

Serebii is a good site with lots of information (more than PokemonDB in most cases). Although part of the reason I started this site was to make a site that was easier to read and find information than serebii/bulbapedia. So I like to think we're better in that area :D Serebii's design used to be quite bad but it's better nowadays.

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You've dun a great job Pokemaster, this site is great.
He's right! Bulbapedia is just a huge information database, and contains so much information, that it really is difficult to find what you're looking for, and Serebii is a little hard to navigate as well, with all of their links being in small text as well!
I really like this sites display, especially the picture to see a pokemon on the big gallery
& how the egg groups part is organised- really hard to read on my iPod app.