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I've just became a new member to this website and I was just curious is this a mobile friendly website because I have to use my phones internet to get on here

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Welcome to Pokebase! I dont get your question.
Thanks for the welcoming. Also as far as my question I meant does this website work well with the phones internet.

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Yes, this website works on computers AND mobile devices. The mobile site is right here!

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I tried that link but it would never fully load up for me instead it would show just a blank screen, but thanks for answering my question
What mobile do you have?
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Funny you should ask because I'm just playing around with some stuff right now to make the site more mobile friendly.

The current deal is that the site works and loads on desktop and mobile exactly the same. Problem is you need to zoom in and move around a bit on the mobile. So I'm looking at changing the layout for mobiles so that it's formatted a little better. Stay tuned!

As Will also mentioned we do have a mobile "app" at m.pokemondb.net. This is a little different to the site because it's an offline application featuring just Pokemon, moves and abilities (at the moment). If you want to look up basic information it's perfect! It works on higher-end smartphones like iPhone, Android and the most recent Blackberry.

The app probably won't ever have the longer pages like EV guides or the Q&A and stuff, it's just a reference.

Also, the site is pokemondb.net, not .com ;)

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I have a Blackberry Pearl Flip Smartphone. I also tried again to get to that app Will was referring to and it still didn't work for me. Also thanks bro your a life saver on this one because I like this website and some of the other Pokemon websites are not mobile friendly.
My mom won't even let me buy a phone.