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Pardon me if either this has been asked before (didn't show up in previous questions box) or I am not allowed to ask this question, but I thought it'll be a good idea if if someone (Pokemaster, I'm looking at you) lists the pokemon with unconfirmed learnsets as of now, people comment if they can confirm said learnset, a TM that's not on the site or if someone has discovered egg moves for something, or even egg groups.

Whew! That was a long sentence.

If you don't understand, I'll give an example.

Inkay has an unconfirmed moveset.

Inkay learns Judgement at level 42

Of corse, that isn't true, but you get what I mean.

I'd appreciate if we had this, because not knowing the egg moves for things like Noivern and Delphox peaks my curiosity.

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This is a great idea in my opinion. But, we will need people to provide a source (or another person that can prove it) in order for it to be put on the site. Since basically anyone can come up and say 'Grimer learns Attract at Level 17' and it could be easily believed. Still, great idea. :3
Hopefully this post will get enough up votes and attention so everyone on the meta-base sees it and adds their knowledge to it. Idk tho, but we can hope.

Actually, shall I start the question title with: 'THREAD:'?

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All the Pokemon have most of their movesets confirmed. Level up moves, TMs, HMs etc are confirmed. They are all listed on this site.

It's possible there are more egg moves that have yet to be discovered though. If you find one then I'd be grateful if you let me know. Having proof would be useful, e.g. a video of you breeding the two Pokemon and hatching the egg with the move. (Not essential as I can check stuff myself, but I don't wanna start breeding dozens of combinations just to find out someone was making it up.)

Or if you think you've found any other mistakes, just let me know and I'll check and fix them :)

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