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I use awesome CSS coding!

Seriously though, not sure what you mean...there aren't really any different kinds of CSS coding. I use HTML for the basic content, then use CSS to style it all by changing colours, fonts, widths of blocks/columns etc.

If you have any specific questions just ask.

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Sorry for lack of specifics, I meant to get the blocks and collumns to the width that they are, Its practically perfect and I am curious to know what CSS coding you use to import them.
To make a column the normal way is to use this HTML:

<div class="column">the content</div>

Then CSS something like this:

.column { width: 500px; float: left; margin: 10px; }

Hope that helps! By the way you could also try installing the Firefox addon, Firebug. Then you can right click a page, click "Inspect element" and it will show you the HTML and CSS. Google Chrome has this too.
Thanks Pokemaster!