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You can just put the Showdown names in the "About me" section same with the Age
Showdown Name: I go by many names

Age: I am not confined by time

But truly
It sounds legitimate. Perhaps showdown/online names can be placed with friend codes.
Just sounds unnecessary. These could really just go Friend Codes and Showdown, why bother adding a section?
The age section could attract weirdos. Just pointing that out.
Maybe. You could just put your age in your bio if that's what you wanted
Oh - I could understand the age, but Showdown section would be great. :3
Showdown is pretty much just an alternative to Wifi, so it makes sense just to leave it in Friend Codes. Also, we have a thread for that.

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As is the case with almost every other request for new profile sections, you can put this anywhere else in your profile. The Friend Codes section is a good place.

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