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A glitch is occurring where the 'Favourite Pokemon' section's content gets replaced with the email address you signed up with, without consent or anything.

It only happens rarely, but there may be some abnormally security-conscious users on here that prefer their email private. One of them being me, so please try and get rid of the glitch soon.

I had no idea that glitch existed
Indigo is your email Moo? I think we can see your email indigo.

[email protected]
Jk ofc, I changed it. :P
I personally have more than two emails, but two mains ones, one for signing up to sites and keeping update with various things, and a personal one.
It does? :o
Yeah, it's happened to me before and when it did happen I felt pretty annoyed. o_o
Good thing my profile is so huge no one bothers to read it! :D

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