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Due to getting a lot of unorganized requests for this, consider this a hide request page! Yes, editors and moderators can hide posts, but I've had several instances where the things that need to be hidden are simply outdated, rather than breaking the rules, but the people involved do not have hiding abilities. This tends to happen most with tournament pages and so on.

This page is only for your own posts that have other answers on them or tournament meta posts that need to be hidden. If you find a post that's breaking the rules, simply flag it and it will be hidden.

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I might  have missed something, but cant just users hide Their own posts?
I mean things posted on your own posts. So say you make a tournament page, and several other people can answer. You won't be able to hide their posts.
Ah! I see
+1 for the picture.
Are we allowed to ask for comments being hidden too?
Yes. Anything that you cannot hide yourself that is not in violation of the rules.

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if you need something hidden:

  • Leave an answer here with a link to the post you need hidden. *Be sure click on the post where it says "answered" and it will add an extra portion to the link that looks ilke "?show=5005#a5005" with different numbers that will send the page right over to the answer.*
  • Explain why the post needs to be hidden if you do not have the ability to hide it and it isn't your post. (Ex. Person dropped out, tournament is over, etc)
  • The post will then be viewed by whoever is here. If it is hidden, then your post for the request will also be hidden. If for some reason it cannot be hidden, then you'll receive a comment explaining why.
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