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like 1 team can answer certain types of questions and another can answer other types of questions. Because we need to work together.

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Yeah, work together! However, this might not work so well with the points system. All users should be able to answer all questions.
fine but everyone needs an equal chance to answer questions.
And the dedicated users do have that chance. Plus, you can always answer even if the Best Answer is already chosen.
If we do happen to have teams, I call movesets!
If we do i call evolution!!!
I call abilities.
I call all about platinum game! (yeah, right!)
hey i like platinum

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No, I don't like this idea. Anyone should be free to answer any question. If you have a specialty topic that you know more about, then you will probably just answer those questions anyway.

This place is all about getting the best answers to questions, whoever it comes from. Hope you understand :)

Also in future, please add requests and such to the dedicated thread:

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