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I think we need a way to make the chat room a bit more organized and easy to use. Here are some suggestions:

Members who enter the chat room start on a home page type thing. On it, are different chat rooms, the number of users currently in each chat room, and current topic of discussion for each chat room. Then chat rooms can be made by members, they can press on something that says "Create new chat room." As long as there are people in the chat rooms, the chat room stays. There can also be a main chat room, the chat room we currently have, for if people don't have a topic in general that they want to chat about. Topic being discussed can be changed by the user who created the chat room, and if that user leaves, it can be changed by anyone. However, I would have it so that the user who created the chat room has to press on something saying "Leave the chat room" before he is considered gone. I still want to be able to check on questions being asked. Do you think this would work Pokemaster?

If you want more clarification on any of these ideas (it might be hard to visualize) please comment on my question about what needs clarifying.

Note: Pokemaster only answer this.

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great suggestion... private chat room, right?
who voted down? it´s GREAT

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I think your idea is a bit complex but maybe there could be just a set number of rooms, eg main, trades, battles. that don't change.

It's possibility in future, but at the moment I don't think there are enough people in the chat to need it.

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