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here the sprites is the ones from the game, normally it's ken sugimoris drawings, shouldn't these be to?

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They are not drawn in the guidebook yet, also they are not released.
"I'm pretty sure those are Kens drawings" You aren't positive that those are his drawings. You just Proved yourself wrong. I'll look for the correct sprite.
Their sprites are not released, since Serebii and Bulbapedia use their in-game sprite.
These drawings are just fan art. The one from Meloetta really gives it away because of the deviantart background .

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The official art has not been released. The drawings you linked* are just fan art as far as I can tell, although the Keldeo one is very close to Sugimori's real style.

* P.S. you linked the Google Image search page, that's why it was so long. The real links are when you click to view the actual full size image.

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