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Suggestion: A answer warning when you are about to answer a question.

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Hi. I noticed that when I was supposed to answer a question and did a long answer that took 40 minutes and when I was about to answer..... The question was hidden. I had no warning so I thought wynaut make a warning that the question has been hidden?

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the point is that your PC isn't updated and there's realy not much that can't be done, i think
It happens so rarely that it might not be worth implementing. Also most questions that get hidden are against the rules which is bad luck on your part unfortunately.
If it's flagged, don't answer.
Simplez! :3

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The reason this happens is because your computer/device doesn't reload the page while you are answering. If it did, it would clear the text that you would have put in the answer box. Because of this, there really would be no way for you to be updated of such a thing. Yeah, it sucks, I know. I've had it happen to me a couple times too, and it's dreadfully annoying, but unfortunately there isn't much that can be done about it :/

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