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There is a small problem with the hyperlink button when answering/asking a question.
When l post a link with the hyperlink to a site, sometimes a random number (95) appears next to the link.
For example: sitePokedexsite
Well actually just now when l pasted the link to the Pokedex when highlighting the word Pokedex, another problem appeared, where it posed the link to the Pokebase (the first hyperlink, site^) three more times next to it.

Well, it's hard to explain now that another problem had just arised, but my original problem was that when posting a hyperlink, the number95 would appear next to the link sometimes, but l could easily edit it out, simple.
Either way, whatever, the hyperlink is acting a little screwy.

(Just tests)



^ lt just did the 95 thing!

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Testing... first link, second link...

OK I think I have fixed this now :D

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Yay! :D
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Yeah I have noticed that but haven't got round to fixing it yet.

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Oh okay than!