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I've been noticing a lot lately that in people's answers they are using acronyms and such. An example of what i've been seeing: "lol no you go to victory road after you beat the 1st gym jk rofl," and others like "Dat diggersby set doe its not good nuff broski lemme rate 4 u." It doesn't bother me as much as it might do other people, but it still bothers me and others. While it may not be in the rules, it gets quite annoying sometimes.

Oh, and I almost forgot, don't use once's moron talk o3o.
>lyl im too gud 4 u luzr scrubs

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Oh, oh! Can we double-end this and put an end to memes in answers as well?
Memes in answers oh my gosh. xD
Of course, that wouldn't affect me since I don't care about memes. :3
No more of Ninja's "NO" answers, then.
It'll be a noble sacrifice. I'm sure we'll survive without 1000x850 images of dated jokes.
Oh, I never knew what meta was.? what is it exactly ?

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Yeah, this is in the rules. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/44070/reminder-for-questions-and-answers that too.

I'll start hiding from now on. Be warned. Unless you want the entire RMT hidden, use grammar.

Have a nice day!

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lol have a nice day