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A lot of people want this, and while I don't really care, there are some instances where I have to use DB chat (i get trollbanned like every day) and with the plethora of people and the terrible framerate, I bring you this.

If anyone mentions me in chat ever, I don't see it and bad things happen. My solution to this is, if they put an '@' sign before your username in chat, it plays a sound like a bell or something and it highlights the message. For example...


>hey whatson u r lame i hate you you are a terrible user

Yeah..? Well i'll never get your message because I am on another tab, try bothering some other bad user.


>@whatson i hate your suggestion scraf told me to say that

This happens except I will hear a ding that tells me someone mentioned me in chat and the message is highlighted so I can find it easily.

...and I just realized most of the meta community that has the sense to vote uses the DB showdown server chat and not the site chat.

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This is great, I like this :D :D :D

I basically suggested this only a few weeks before. U2SlowMuch?
Mine is way different lol

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I answered this somewhere else. Anyway it's a good idea and I've made a note to do this at some point.

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