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This is crazy but wouldn't it be really cool if you could have the forum on the appstore or something

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Pokemaster has tried several times to create the site into an app, but has declared he will not try again.

While he could create the actual information pages etc as an app, the actual Pokebase is extremely difficult. Pokebase is a live forum, so if someone would post something on it it would have to updated every single time.

So in short, this probably won't be happening due to technical reasons. Thank you for your suggestion though.

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Oh okay thanks to bother to answer my question
Np problem. Feel free to ask us anything :P.
Why can't he make an app for the database without the pokebase, and just have the solid, unchangable information?
Couldn't he just not do the forum, but maybe just have a link to it?
I'll forget the necro-post and just answer. That would just simply take away the point of having an app if the first place. If you want van app for the data but go online for the forums, why not just get the data online? Making an app is effort for one little thing
That makes since, but I just want to say that most of the time I need a pokedex, i'm offline.