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My friend tried to sign up for Pokebase, but he forgot his E-Mail password and can't click the confirmation link to finish making the account. His username is Lucario Randall. Is there anything you might be able to do about that, like maybe letting him skip that step, or is there something we can do? Thanks, and sorry for any trouble I may have caused.

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Go to your profile, you can still change your email even though you haven't confirmed one yet. change it to another existing one, or create a new email. Also, make sure your bro has a backup email address, so if he forgets the password, he can get back again.

This is pretty much all we can do. Pm can't "skip a step" or anything of the like, so it's up to you to do something with your email.

NOTE: You can still post on Meta without an email, so you / he can report problems in the future without one, if the problem arises again.

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