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My account is constantly messing up. Here is the list :
1.)my points keep changing despite the fact I don't do anything I was supposed 2 be a rank 50 and now it is 30 and 20. It just doesn't keep track right
2.)it can't keep track of all my awnsers or questions. I have asked 3 question and 2 awnsers so far and it now says 2 questions and one awnser.

These problems r frustrating pleez help me!!!!!

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Are you sure?and your getting points and ranks mixed up.

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Each part of the site has a different points system. This means the box of information below the About Me secion (the box that contains your number of questions, votes, etc) changes accordding to your status on each part of the site, be it PokeBase, Meta, or RMT. You have 50 points on PokeBase, 20 on Meta, and 30 on Battle Subway. And you have asked a different number of questions on each part of the site.

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