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In this post, the images I used are showing up as "missing image" (all except for Grass type) Even though in the little preview you get before posting/editing a post they show up just fine. This is happening in other posts where I used those same images, all seem to be malfunctioning except for Grass. Here's another example.

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I don't know how you can fix it (or if you can at all), but I think it's caused by the site attempting to cache the images and failing to do so properly. Pokemaster can probably refresh it to resolve the issue.
It is pretty odd how it shows us in the preview and not in the actual post, and also how in both posts Grass is the only type that shows up...
I think it's because the preview actually fetches the actual URL you linked, whereas when you try to load it on the real thing the server tries to find a locally stored version which is somehow failing. Would only happen on old threads that have been tracked earlier though, like the ones you linked.
All tentative though, my knowledge of this stuff is patchy :]
Try changing the image to something that has a different URL but looks exactly the same.
For me it appears to be working.
Yeah, it's all working for me now. Maybe it was just a server hiccup that fixed itself. With that said, the 'missing image' notice is certainly something I've seen before, so maybe this won't be last time.

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It's fixed now.